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Scleranthus biflorus

Canberra grass A lava like moss looking spreading plant. Ideal for rockeries and containers. Great native alternative to exotic zoysia japonica for Japanese gardens. Prefers semi to full sun on well drained soils.  Keep water up to them as they don’t tolerate long periods of drought. They can spread up to 1m long. Ideal for [Continue]

Wallaby proof plants

For those concerned about what plants to grow that will not attract wallabies might surprise you. It has been recommended to use plants such as grevilleas, correas, hibbertias, baeckeas, croweas, eriostemons, callistemons, dampieras, leptospermems and westringias. Let me know how you go.

Eutaxia obovata

Egg and Bacon plant. This 1m high x 1m wide sized shrub never fails to signal the start of spring and flowers from late winter throughout spring with orange and yellow flowers. Eutaxia’s prefer dappled sunny spots but enjoy full sun. Prune to shape after flowering. Can be used in containers and is cery versatile.  [Continue]

Boronia ‘Carousel’

Boronia molloyae x heyerophylla. This boronia hybrid is one of the most profuse flowering of the boronia family. The shrub can grow up to 2m high x 1m wide. The bright pink flowers appear early spring. Prune after flowering and as with most boronias plang in a dappled shade area in well draoned soil. Ideal [Continue]

Boronia megastigma

Brown boronia. This beautiful and highly scented shrub to 1m tall x 0.75m wide is great in rockeries and on embankments. This plant requires well drained soil in dappled shade.  Prune after flowering in spring.

Lechenaultia formosa

‘Scarlet O’Hara’   This native shrub is an ideal flowering perennial, with a very long flowering season from January to November. A large mass of red flowers are a feature. Size is 50cm tall x 60cm. Great for any bedding, including cottage style and containers. This plant originates from Western Australia but grows well on [Continue]

Banksia integrifolia

‘Roller Coaster’ This integrifolia is a prostrate plant ideal for broad garden beds, sloping bsnks and also as a container plant. Large yellow candle shaped flowers appear in summer and spring. Attractive green semi serated leaves. This plant is suitable for coastal conditions, cool areas as well as tropical.  Tolerates acid soils. Plant in well [Continue]