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Verticordia plumosa

Hardy plant that grows up to 1m x 1m in part shade in well drained soils. Will look great in rockeries and in terraced or sloping ground. Could make a great informal hedge row. Flowers throughout spring with small star shaped deep mauve/purple flowers.

Native mint -Mentha australis

A strong fragrant herb that will make a great addition to an edible garden. This plant grows up to 50cm tall and 1m wide but should be clipped regularly to keep its shape.  Ideally suited to moist dark pockets in sand or clay soils. Can be used to flavour drinks or in salads.

Grevillea molongolo

versatile groubd cover grevillea that spreads 1m wide and jis best suited on embankments, terraces and on sloping ground. Can withstand full sun and can cope with clay soil. Numerous apricot coloured flowers appears in spring. Fertilise with low phosphorus native slow release. Once established can tolerate partial drought but not recommended.

Flowering Native Trees for Christmas

Hymensporum flavum or “Native Fragipani” is a strongly aromatic plant which can grow to 15 metres, and flowers in summer. The yellow flowers are roughly 4cm in length. This tree is evergreen and can withstand long periods of drought and wet once established. The tree can also handle foot traffic and really tough full sun [Continue]

Christmas with natives

there are some great Australian Plants that can be used for Christmas trees, that can survive happily in a container to be moved inside for decorating. The first plant is the Casuarina glauca “Greenwave” which grows to only 2 metres in height and naturally grows into a ball, is a dense Evergreen shrub that can [Continue]

Diospyros Australis

Black plum This medium sized tree grows approximately 8-15m tall ( shorter in sunnier spots) This tree is similar to Podacarpus elatus where there are separate male and female plants. So if you want fruit you will need a couple of plants. The flowers appear in late summer to autumn. The flowers are white in [Continue]

Melastoma affine

Blue Tongue or native tibouchina. This Melastoma is a dwarf variety. It grows up to 0.5m in height and spreads 1m across. The plant has beautiful 5cm wide magenta flowers that commences in late winter through to late spring. The plant prefers semi shade but can tolerate early morning sun. The plant requires regular watering [Continue]