Welcome to Sustainable Natives

Sustainable Natives is a Wholesale Native Plant Nursery located in Somersby, NSW.

Contact us on

Mobile: 0415465162 (jonathan@sustainablenatives.com.au)

Mobile: 0414557581 (olga@sustainablenatives.com.au)

Home: 02 43721554

Currently Sustainable Natives will be available for the public to purchase plants at the following markets;



Berowra Community Markets –
Berowra Uniting Church, 4-6 Alan Road, Berowra Heights. – 8am – 1pm

More markets will follow; please stay tuned.

hope to see you there, and if you require a special order – please call and we can bring it to the markets closest to you.

We set up our business to primarily fill the gaps in native plants not grown by other plant nurseries and councils, so that a majority of plants can then regenerate a site rather than only a small portion.

A lot of plants we grow are not from orders, so it is our passion for maintaining the bushland in and around Sydney, on Hawksbury Sandstone that keeps us happy.

We are currently developing a part of the nursery for propagating ferns from the Sydney area.

Once we have done that then we are then working on more grasses and sedges.

We sell our plants at a wholesale rate but also do Markets so other customers can purchase them.

We donate a lot of plants to Bushcare programs as well as to Retirement villages and reserves.

We also volunteer our time for the Australian Plants Society, and continue to do that.

Australian Plants attracts birds, and other native fauna back to the property.

The plants help in reducing strong light to your house, can provide shade and a nice microclimate both in summer and winter,

And can smell beautiful – especially fragrant is the Boronia serrulata or Sydney Rock Rose – a real stunner and one of the best smelling plants I know of.

This beautiful plant is very scarce now, but we are working on propagating a lot of these so that they can again be enjoyed by a lot of fellow gardeners.

There are a lot of endangered plants around Sydney which most people are not aware of, and these include the Sydney Bluegum believe it or not, mainly because the natural environment is being reduced, and underscrubbing causes lots of problems to eucalypts.

If you are interested in starting up a native Australian Garden, or would like to purchase plants, give us a call!

Sustainable Natives is a member of the NGINA (Nursery & Garden Industry, NSW & ACT Ltd)  and AILDM (Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers)